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When you’re planning a remodeling or construction project for a restaurant, office, or other commercial space that must accommodate large amounts of traffic and efficient use of space, you’ll want the help of a group of experienced professionals who are dedicated to excellence in their craft. At ACDC Electrical Services Inc, we have a team of highly trained experts who will work closely with you until your project’s completion. No matter the size of the job, you can count on our full attention and commitment to delivering the best possible results. We proudly offer top-quality business and home remodeling to the Liberty Hill, TX area. When you work with our licensed experts, we can help you make your dream vision come to life. Electrical service is our specialty, and we will ensure that your entire space is properly fitted with light fixtures that meet your desires. We can even perform rewiring if your electrical system needs an upgrade. With an updated electrical system powering your space, you will always be running at peak efficiency, and you won’t have to worry about your system breaking down. Whatever your property needs, you can rely on our expertise to successfully deliver your plans. Contact us and get started today!

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